ClassFinder Help

ClassFinder allows you to search for classes using the selection options provided. All of the selections which display multiple items in the pull down list can be used to specify multiple selections. You may choose different combinations of fields to narrow your search, however you must select a Term + an additional selection criteria (GUR/Course Attribute, Instructor, Begin/End Time, Subject, etc.) for each search. When your selection is complete click 'Search Now' to perform the search. Select the reset button to begin each new query.

When selecting 'All Subjects' and 'Term' you must narrow your search by selecting at least one additional criteria (GUR/Course Attribute, Instructor, Begin/End Time, etc). Left click individual subjects while holding down the Ctrl key to select multiple subjects.

Left click each individual GUR/Course Attribute selection while holding down the Ctrl key to select multiple GUR's/Course Attributes.

Either 'All Instructors' or a single instructor may be chosen.

The Course Number selection is automatically wildcarded (%). By entering '201' all courses numbered 201 will be returned. Entering '2' will return all 200 level courses.

Checking the 'Open Sections Only' box will result in only those courses with available seats being returned.

ClassFinder Results:

The first line displays the query time. Information returned is valid as of that time.

The second line displays the query criteria that was used.

The first line of the class display lists:

The second line of the class display lists:

CLOSED will display in the leftmost column of all closed courses.

WL will display for all courses which are WAITLIST eligible. Once a course has filled, students may add themselves to a waitlist via Web4U registration.
When a space opens up, the first student on the waitlist will receive an email message, notifying them to register for the course.

Prerequisites and Restrictions display below the course information.

Clicking on subject and course number will open a new window displaying detailed course descriptions.


Scratch Sheet:

The Scratch Sheet is accessed by clicking on the CRN in ClassFinder results:

Scratch Sheet Results 

You may delete a selection from Scratch Sheet by clicking on the CRN. 

Detail Code Definitions:

BU = Admission to College of Business and Economics
CF = Communication Focus Course
ED = Admission to Woodring College of Education
FA = Admission to Fairhaven College
FI = Admission to College of Fine and Performing Arts
FR = Freshman Status
GR = Graduate Status
HS = Admission to College of Humanities and Social Sciences
HU = Admission to Huxley College of the Environment
JR = Junior Status
MJ = Major Declared
OV = Override Code
PM = Postmasters Status
PR = Independent Study Permit Required
S/U = Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading
SO = Sophomore Status
SR = Senior Status
ST = Admission to College of Sciences and Technology
WP1 = Writing Proficiency 1 point
WP2 = Writing Proficiency 2 points
WP3 = Writing Proficiency 3 points


GUR (General University Requirement)/Course Attribute Definitions:

ACGM = Comparative Gender A
ACOM = Communication Block A
BCOM = Communication Block B
BCGM = Comparative Gender B
CCOM = Communication C
FYE = First Year Experience
HUM = Humanities
LSCI = Natural Science
OL = Online
QSR = Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning
SCI = Natural Science
SL - Service Learning
SSC = Social Science