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Spring 2020 COVID-19 Notice: All Spring 2020 courses are being offered online, therefore you should NOT use the Online (OL) attribute in your class search.

Using the Online (OL) attribute will return Academic Year Self-Sustaining (AYSS) courses which do not receive state support and are funded completely by Western,
which means they cost more in tuition. AYSS courses are noted as such in both Classfinder and Web4U Registration and the per credit tuition rate is posted as $265/credit.

You may search for Spring 2020 courses which do not have a specific meeting day/time by using the ASNC - Asynchronous attribute.
These are courses in which students will not be asked to view a lecture, presentation or perform course work during an assigned day or time.

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For more information or for registration assistance, Western's
Academic Advising Center is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.
The Academic Advising Center is located in Old Main 380
and can be reached by phone at 360-650-3850 or e-mail advising@wwu.edu